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Product name: Advertising video brochure

Product color: customized

Key word: Promotional OEM advertising video

Lead time:  15 days

Printing options: customized

summary description: 4.3inch 5inch 7inch promotion business gift LCD video brochure card for advertising

Full description : Display area: 153*86mm, resolution: 800x480, Flash memory: standard 256MB. can up to 8GB Built-in lithium battery: 1200mA. As someone opens the Video Brochure, they are greeted by several triggers: watch video, change video, request more information etc. This is through the added button functionality, of which you can add more. This adds a much more interactive element which is not found with standard brochures. In addition, you are providing the client/user the ability to respond to calls to action, benefiting your business.

Promotional OEM advertising video

SKU: VB-1003
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