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Takeaways From Semicon 2019

Semicon is the not-so consumer electronics show. Companies exhibiting at in San Francisco this summer make and test the machines that make and test consumer electronics. To us, this stuff is pretty exciting. Aside from making some great connections, we also learned a lot, and saw some really cool stuff. Here’s just a few.

Autonomous Driving

We probably didn’t need to tell you that autonomous driving is kind of a big deal. But the amount of energy, investment capitol, and talent that is dedicated to making level 5 common, is insane. The sensors and imaging needed to make it all happen has been developing for awhile, but with new a

dvancements in AI, the industry is being hurled forward.

Waymo received a semi award for 10 Million autonomous miles driven.

Quantum Computing

We don’t pretend to fully understand quantum computing. But IBM was showing off the IBM Q. The massive amount of cooling required to make quantum computing possible make it look somewhat steampunk and antiquated, an

d quantum computing is actually closer to analog than it is to digital, it’s definitely a giant leap forward. Even the creators of this emerging technology are trying to understand it’s full potential. With IBMs acquisition of in 2015, IBM Q’s first task may be improving the way weather is predicted.

What would you do if you had your own quantum computer? You can practice writing code for IBM Q here:

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